General conditions of sale



Prices of the Products offered by the Store are shown in Euro (EUR) and Polish Zloty (PLN). Shipment costs or any other costs indicated by the Company shall be added to this prices every time.


Shipping date

The date of shipment of the Product shall be placed in the order confirmation. The company has the right to change the date of shipment if it is impossible for reasons beyond control of the Company, including delays in supplies delivery.


Shipping cost

The Customer has the right to choose the method of delivery from the methods made accessible by the Company for a particular Product. The shipment cost is always covered by the Customer. The shipment cost is calculated by the Company and paid by the Customer together with the cost of the ordered Product. The Company with the consent of the Customer has the right to execute the order in parts. The cost of shipment of each part shall be covered by the Customer.


The Payment
The order execution starts when the payment for the whole order is credited to the account of the Company, or when the Customer presents to the Company the letter of credit. Regular customers can apply for a sale with deferred payment.

Cancellation of the contract

The Company allows order cancellation in accordance with the rules listed below. The Customer is obliged to send an order cancellation letter to the e-mail address of the Company It is possible to cancel an order only if it has not been sent. The order is cancelled after the Company confirms it by sending an e-mail message. After cancelling an order the Customer shall cover all the costs paid in connection with the order execution. 


If the delivered Product does not meet the parameters declared by the Company, even though they were stated to be binding, the Customer is entitled to receive a Product consistent with the description at cost of the Company. When the Product is out of stock the Company shall propose new delivery time or return the money paid for the Product. The Company shall also cover the costs of collecting the Product, which is inconsistent with the description provided by the Company.



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