Contract research

Contract research in organic chemistry

Production of specialized reagents for many industries and markets. The company targets companies manufacturing pharmaceutics, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and crop protection chemicals. We also provide reagents to research centres. We offer products customized to your needs as far as the amount and purity is concerned, and therefore, our customers are able to use them with even greater efficiency. We are proud of our scientific potential, which allows us to produce chemical compounds with new and innovative structures or even extensive libraries. Apart from the chemical substances available directly in our online store we are able to prepare orders in accordance with customer’s purity specification.


The wide range of products offered by 8fc contains also specialized high purity materials and reagents designed for synthesis in research of new drugs, dyestuff, organic electronics, etc. 8fc can also act as a supplier or subcontractor of research conducted as a part of different subsidized projects or connected with introduction of new solutions to industry. Chemical products are sold in containers designed to facilitate their use and boost efficiency. Smaller bottle sizes can be extremely significant in the case of volatile or air-sensitive and water-sensitive chemicals. Clients can choose their container according to their own will.





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